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Natural Hair

Cashmere, camel hair, pure new wool or wool with Swiss stone pine - HEFEL products with natural hair fillings are distinguished by their special functional characteristics. With their warming, temperature-regulating and cooling properties they ensure a particularly good sleeping climate. Natural hair comforters are suitable for every season - always nice and warm but never too hot. HEFEL offers a comprehensive range of natural bedding and is the leading producer of natural bedding in Europe.


The natural hair of sheep makes HEFEL duvets superbly warm and exceptionally breathable. The pure new wool is exclusively obtained from French free-range Merino sheep. This unique breed offers the finest quality with a strongly curled wool. Thanks to a special finishing process the duvets can be washed at 40°C - which is unique for natural hair fillings.


HEFEL camels live in Mongolia in climatic areas with extreme temperature fluctuations of up to 60°C between day and night. Their hair is perfectly adapted to these conditions and has a highly effective temperature regulating function. It behaves like a ""natural air conditioning system"", on the one hand providing excellent warmth and on the other protection from the heat, thanks to its maximized actively breathable qualities.



Exclusive sleepHEFEL Textil cashmere goats live on the high plateaux of the Himalayas at altitudes up to 5,000metres. Their premium quality wool is processed to create the wonderfully light fillings for HEFEL cashmere quilts. In order to survive the extreme environment in which they live, where temperatures can fall to -45°C, these exceptional animals have evolved a type of hair that protects against the cold like no other.In the icy remoteness of the Himalayas, people and animals still peacefully coexist in a state of natural symbiosis.

Cashmere goats are not shorn; instead small quantities of their superfine underhair is combed out by hand once a year. The yield per goat is only 100g to 300g. It is therefore not surprising that high quality cashmere is hard to find and expensive. HEFEL’s cashmere experts regularly travel to the region to check the quality of the underhair.

HEFEL Himalayan cashmere has the finest curls of any natural hair and an absolutely unbeatable capacity for warmth retention. Cashmere quilts are by far the lightest natural quilts in relation to warmth they provide. The incomparably fine underhair has a softness and cosiness that puts all others in the shade. It goes without saying that all HEFEL cashmere quilts are made with HEFEL double quilting for even more warmth, snugness and active breathing.